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About us

For Probelte, quality is not a commitment, but a duty.

Quality is not a commitment for Probelte, but a duty. From Probelte we work every day to improve the quality of our products, investing in R & D & I and pursuing continuous improvement. Innovation is part of our DNA, as is the responsibility we have with our clients, with agriculture and nature, because thanks to them we can proudly say that we are leaders in the market.

This permanent effort has provided us with one of the largest product ranges for nutrition and plant health in the sustainable production of safe food. Well, those, and not others, are the main pillars that support Probelte ; The quality, safety, and sustainability of everything we do.

R + D + i Culture

The culture of R + D + i makes Probelte be at the forefront in the production of biological products, with products such as Belthirul, the spearhead of this range of effective, biodegradable products and respectful with the environment. The Probelte biological products factory is at the forefront of technology, having a large production capacity, prepared for the development of means to combat pests and plant diseases.

Certificate of Good Laboratory Practices

Probelte has the certificate of GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICES for studies in the field of application of phytosanitary products, for tests of residues in laboratory plants, for the determination of residues of phytosanitary products and for the physical-chemical characterization of phytosanitary products, being the first company in the sector to achieve it.

Towards sustainable and effective agriculture

The basis of the advanced products that Probelte offers to society, has its origin in a philosophy with a strong tradition and roots in the research, development and innovation of new products. A consolidated and recognized culture of R&D of biological products allows progress in the discovery of new biological formulations as the future of a sustainable and effective World Agriculture.

Consolidation of our brand

The Probelte brand, linked to high quality products, is recognized internationally and claimed by our customers. The internationalization of Probelte is a reality, through its constant and continuous geographical expansion.

International presence

The relevance and significance of the international presence of Probelte has been growing over the years within the Corporation, and is today more than ever, when we are prepared to collaborate and deliver our products to all geographical areas of the world through our distribution networks, creating agreements based on rigor, commitment and mutual fidelity.

Commitment to quality

We work in the quality assurance of our products with a clear orientation towards the satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to the rigorous control of all production processes, raw materials and finished products, the quality excellence of the Probelte products is guaranteed. See our commitment to quality and environment.

Probelte global quality

Our purpose is not only to offer our customers high quality products, but also a personalized service and attention. Probelte is certified under strict and recognized standards of & nbsp; quality, protection of the environment and safety. These certifications endorse our system of Quality Assurance and respect for the Environment and show the orientation of Probelte towards the satisfaction of its customers.

Probelte Certifications

It has the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, for the Design and Production of Phytosanitary and Fertilizer Products, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, granted by AENOR and IQNET.

List of Probelte certifications
Means of protection of sustainable crops

Research aimed at the development of new formulations based on biological products has been intensified for years, due to the implications it has in integrated production, organic farming and also, thanks to the increase in added value that its use can generate in agricultural products.

Innovation and agricultural technology

Our main challenge is to offer the market one of the widest ranges of guaranteed quality products. Therefore, from the company a permanent effort is made in the area of ??technological innovation, contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, respecting the environment.

Organic Products

The development of techniques and means of protection of sustainable crops, the use of biological products is the challenge that the industry assumes for an immediate future. In this sense, research is being especially active, among others, in the field of biotechnology and the development of low-risk products, with a very favorable toxicological profile in both cases.

Team of professionals at the service of our clients

Careful planning accompanied by exhaustive selection processes have resulted in a multidisciplinary workforce in life sciences, with more than demonstrable and high professional qualification.

Excellence in Human Values

From the company's management, a special effort is made to instill values ??for the development of teamwork, based on the solid foundations of respect, collaboration and personal and professional mutual support.

Probelte values

The values that stand out and characterize Probelte are those of evolution and improvement, continuity, dynamism, flexibility, service and human relations based on seriousness, ethics and personalized treatment. The best assets of the Probelte group are its employees, its distributors and its customers.