Hormoprín Wp

Phytorregulator with a vegetable hormone base

Hormoprín Wp

Hormoprín WP is an association of auxines that, once applied, acts as a setting inductor in a range of horticultural crops and fruit trees. It can also be used to overcome crucial stages in growth, as well as acting as a stimulant in unfavourable conditions (freezes, phytoxiticies, etc.).


  • ANA 0,43% w/w (4,3 g/kg)
  • ANA-AMIDA 1,18% w/w (11,8 g/kg)
  • Registation nº: 22.541
  • Presentation: Wettable powder (WP)
  • Packaging: 200g and 1kg




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  • Berenjena
  • Tomate
  • Frutales de hueso
  • Melocotonero
  • Ciruelo
  • Frutales de pepita
  • Manzano
  • Peral
  • Medlar tree

Pests and diseases

  • Otros / Caída fruto
  • Otros / Estimular actividad vegetativa
  • Otros / Inducir cuajado flores