Natural bionutrient. Mixture of rhizobacteria, patent of Probelte.


Natural biofertiliser formulated with rhizobacteria promoting vegetal growth. It improves the availability and the absorption of nutrients required by the plant during its vegetative cycle. It bears the capacity to transform non-assimilable atmospheric nitrogen in its form suitable for the plant, without the need to add nitrogenated products. It makes blocked macro- and micronutrients become available for the plant. The application of BIOPRÓN contributes to the environment. This product avoids contamination by nitrification of aquifers and ground waters.

Registration number: F0004055/2029


  • 109 UFC/g Azospirillum brasilensePantoea dispersa
  • Formulation: Universal Fertiliser. Free from chemical fertilisers
  • Presentation: 100 g, 1 kg and 5 kg


30 g/m2. Spread evenly around the plants, where greater presence of roots is expected and then water them.


Recommended for: All kind of plants in general.


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