Bioprón Premium

Natural biotrophic product

Bioprón Premium

Bioprón Premium is a natural product with a base of viable microorganisms immobilised in an inert natural base which, once applied to the ground, is capable of feeding the crop in a natural, balanced way without damaging the environment. 


Bioprón Premium has two types ofmicroorganisms with complementary, synergic effects in quantities above 109UFC/g:

  • Azospirillum brasilense
  • Pantoea dispersa

 Available sizes: 25 kg and 500 kg.


  • Particle size: 0.5 mm - 1 mm
  • Specific weight: 0.958 kg/L
  • Colour: dark grey.


Authorised applications: Tomato, melon, pepper, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and other brassicas, chard and spinach, parsley and other umbellifers, potatoes, olive tree, grass, artichoke, vines and grapevines, stone fruit trees.

Olive tree: in super-intensive crops, 100 g/olive tree. In traditional crops:

  • BRANCHED OLIVE TRUNKS (1st to 3rd year): 100 g/olive tree
  • From 3rd to 6th year: 300 g/olive tree
  • From 6th year on: 500-700 g/olive tree

In seedbeds and nurseries, before sowing, mix granules with the soil before filling trays, using 15g Bioprón per litre of soil. 

In greenhouses and fields: 

  • Tomato, pepper, Galia and Cantaloup melon, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and other brassicas, parsley and other umbelífers: 300 kg/ha 
  • Rochet melon, Christmas melon: 200 kg/ha.
  • Potato, artichoke: 250 kg/ha

Grass: apply twice annually by surface broadcast using 30 g/m2

Vines: 25 g/vine.

Grapevine: 0.75-1 kg/vine.

Citrus and stone fruit trees: 

  • Seedlings: 100 g/seedling
  • Trees up to 3 years old: 250 g/tree
  • Trees up to 5 years old: 400 g/tree
  • Adults: 750 g - 1 kg/ tree


Bioprón Premium is designed with a granule size suited to woody crops. This allows for greater scattering of the product on the ground, reaching the interchange zonefaster and more efficiently. 
Obtained via sustainable means. 
Better soil/root interaction. 
Once the product has been applied to the ground, it doesn’t need to be embedded as the product DOES NOT degrade with sunlight or temperatures. 
Microorganisms that contain Bioprón Premium are capable of capturing atmospheric nitrogen and transforming it via interaction with the roots; to be used to nurture the tree. 
It releases the phosphorous in the soil so that the plant can absorb it easily. 
It solubilizes other macro andmicronutrients in the soil which would otherwise remain trapped. 

When Bioprón Premium is applied to the olive tree:

  • There are excellent harvests, with greater oil yield. 
  • Nitrogen and other elements are more efficient. 
  • Smaller Doses are needed.
  • Less fertiliser handling costs. 
  • Just one application via mechanised application is necessary. 
  • Non-contaminating product
  • Nitrate contamination is needed. 

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT, created and designed by the PROBELTE I+D+i laboratories


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  • Olivar
  • Tomate
  • Pimiento
  • Melón
  • Acelga
  • Brécol
  • Coliflor
  • Espinaca
  • Lechuga
  • Patata
  • Uva de mesa
  • Maíz
  • Trigo
  • Cebada
  • Cítricos
  • Frutales de hueso

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