Cupric fertilizer.


Beltared is formulated with red copper oxide, recommended to be used as a copper source in spring and autumn-winter.


Cuprous oxide (expressed in copper metal): 75% w/w (750 g/kg)
Formulation: wettable powder (WP)
CE fertilizer
Presentation: 10 kg Macrobox.


Sugar beet, vineyard and parral vine, potato, vegetables and hops: 200g / hl and 400 g / hl, according to spring or winter treatments, respectively.
Olive grove: 150-200 g/hl in spring treatments, and 150-300 g/hl, in automn treatments.
Pip and stone fruit trees: 200 g/hl and 300 g/hl according to spring or winter treatments, respectively.
Citrics: 150g/hl
Ornamentals: 200g/hl
In humid and cold areas, caution is advised, especially in cultures and varieties sensitive to Cu metal. In pip and stone fruit tree: during the vegetative period and in cucurbitaceae, vine and grapevine: during flowering.


Due to its particle size and its great fixing power, it has a great adhesion on the leaf surface.

  • Pip fruit trees, Stone fruit tree, citrics, olive grove, vineyard and grape vine, vegetables, potato, sugar beet, hops and ornamentals.


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  • Remolacha
  • Viña
  • Uva de mesa
  • Patata
  • Lúpulo
  • Olivar
  • Frutales de hueso
  • Frutales de pepita
  • Cítricos
  • Ornamentales leñosas y herbáceas

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