Belproil A 500cc


Belproil A 500cc

A broad-spectrum, asphyxiating insecticide and acaricide that coats the insect’s body with a thin film that prevents breathing. Product certified for use in organic farming.

Registration number: 13.141


  • Paraffin oil 83 % w/v (830 g/L)
  • Presentation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
  • Packaging: 500 cc


  • Dose: 5-10 cc/L in foliar application. Repeat treatment several times per crop cycle.
  • Can be combined with other insecticides or fungicides (do not mix with sulphur or sulphur derivatives).


  • Given the time of application of Belproil A, no pre-harvest interval is required.
  • Product certified for use in organic agriculture.


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  • Cítricos
  • Frutales de hueso
  • Frutales de pepita
  • Cerezo
  • Olivar
  • Platanera
  • Ornamentales leñosas

Pests and diseases

  • Plagas / Araña roja
  • Plagas / Pulgón
  • Plagas / Cochinilla
  • Plagas / Mosca blanca