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Sulfaprón L


Anti-powdery mildew fungicide-pesticide with preventative and curative action. SULFAPRÓN L, controls all types of powdery mildew and works particularly well on protecting against mites.

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Aditional info
  • Sulphur 72% w/v (720 g/L)
  • Register number: 18.315
  • Formulation: Concentrated suspension (CS)
  • Family: Inorganic-sulphur
  • Available sizes: 1 L, 5 L, 20 L
  • Apply in normal spray using doses of 0.2-0.6% (200-600cc/hl) for all crops. 
  • Precauciones:
    • Do not apply to artichoke or some varieties of sensitive fruit trees, such as apricot, apple tree and pear tree.
    • Do not apply on crops whose fruit is to be used for preserves.
    • Do not apply mineral oils for 21 days before or after sulphur application. 
  • Macronutrient, fundamental in all crops.
  • Authorised applications:
    • Cereals, against powdery mildew.
    • Deciduous fruit trees, against red spider, eryophid mites and powdery mildew.
    • Horticultural crops, against mites, red spider, powdery mildew and oidiopsis.
    • Hops, against red spider and powdery mildew.
    • Olive tree, against eryophid mites 
    • Woody ornamentals, against red spider and powdery mildew.
    • Vines, against red spider, erynosis and powdery mildew.

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