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Pesticide which acts on contact

Skunk is a specific contact pesticide which acts mainly as an ovicide, combating young larval states, with a prolonged residual effect. 

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Aditional info
  • Clofentezine 50% w/v (500 g/L)
  • Register number: 17.021
  • Presentation: Concentrated suspension (CS)
  • Packaging: 1 L
  • Cotton: apply in leaf spray using 0.3-1.0 L/ha.
  • Citrus: apply in leaf spray using 10-20 cc/hl at the beginning of the attack, mixing with a paraffin oil. 
  • Pome fruit trees, plum and winemaking vines: apply in leaf spray using 20-60 cc/hl, whereby a first treatment is advised when eggs begin to hatch. 
  • Strawberry plants, raspberry, gooseberry, melon and tomato: apply en leaf spray using from 20-40 cc/hl.
  • Banana trees: apply in leaf spray once a season using 30-40 cc/hl and a maximum of 1.2 L/ha.
  • In all cases, where mobile methods/flying insects are involved, mix with an authorised, compatible, adult killing pesticide. 
  • Respects useful species such as bees, phytoseiid mites, leaf borers, minute pirate bugs, parasitic hymenopteros and neuropteros (Chrysopa sp.).
  • For the control of tetranychid mites in the following crops: cotton, citrus, pome fruit trees, plum, winemaking vines, strawberry plants, raspberry, gooseberry, melon, tomato and banana trees.

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