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Pyrethroid Insecticide

Broad spectrum insecticide against a range of species of insects (mainly caterpillars and aphids) which attack different agricultural crops.

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Aditional info
  • Deltamethrin 2,5% w/v (25 g/L)
  • Register number: 25.519
  • Presentation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)
  • Family: Pyretroides
  • Packaging: 250 cc, 1 L and 5 L

Works on problems brought about by different plagues, depending on the crop, such as the olive tree borer, moths, olive tree fly, green bug, heliothis, caterpillars, aphids, beetles and thrips.

How it works:

  • Acts on contact and by ingestion.
  • Powerful impact.

Garlic, artichoke, almond tree, aubergine, onion, shallot, rapeseed, cucurbits, asparagus, spinach and similar, strawberry plants, pome fruits, sunflower, brassica type vegetables, corn, sweet corn, walnut, olive tree, potato, leek, radish, sorghum, tobacco , tomato and carrot.

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