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Procorrector Líquido Zn-Mn

Zn and Mn deficiency corrector

Procorrector Líquido Zn-Mn is a formula which containszinc and manganese complemented by ureic nitrogen.

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Aditional info
  • Total nitrogen (N): 5% w/w
  • Ureic nitrogen: 5 % w/w.
  • Manganese (Mn) water soluble: 2.6% w/w
  • Zinc (Zn) water soluble: 4.3% w/w.
  • pH: 4-6
  • Presentation: Soluble liquid concentrate (SL).
  • Packaging: 5 L and 20 L
  • In spray: 0.75 L/hl
  • In fertirrigation:
    • Preventative: 2 applications/year of 12 L/ha.
    • Curative: 1 application in spring of 24 L/ha.
  • Mixing with calcium products is not recommended.
  • Among the functions of Zn in the plant, some of the most important ones are the following:
    • Fundamental component of the structure of rhibosomes which male polypeptides from free amino acids.
    • Helps to regulate vegetal growth.
    • Activator of numerous enzymatic and metabolic reactions. 
  • Among the functions of Mn in the plant, some of the most important ones are the following
    • Helps in the formation of chlorophyll, stimulating photosynthesis, and forms part of the production of pigments such as carotenoids and xanthophylls. 
  • RECOMMENDED FOR its application on citrus, stone fruit trees and pome fruit trees, corn, beet, horticultural crops and alfalfa.

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