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Prócer M 40

Herbicide for post emergence dicotyledonous weeds

Potassium salt in a soluble concentrate to be applied as post emergence treatment to weeds that need controlling. An effective herbicide in the control of annual dicotyledons (broad leafed weeds) and sometimes perennial weeds, by applying as post emergence treatment of same. 

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Aditional info
  • MCPA (potassium salt) 40% w/v (400 g/L)
  • Register number: 13.599
  • Presentation: Soluble Concentrate (SC)
  • Chemical family: phenoxy carboxylic acids
  • Packaging: 1 L and 5 L
  • Areas not being used for crop growing and grass fields, using doses of 3 L/ha in a broth volume of 400 L/ha.
  • For rice, oats, barley, rye, wheat and triticale, apply treatment using doses of 1.5-3 L/ha and a broth volume of 400 L/ha between the final thinning and the beginning of stalking.
  • For citrus, apply using doses of 1.5- 2.5 L/ha in a broth volume of 400 L/ha before flowering on the surface below the crop.
  • In pome fruit trees, apply treatments to the crop, using doses of 3 L/ha with a broth volume of 400 L/ha.
  • In corn, apply a treatment when the crop has 4 leaves, using doses of 1.5-2 L/ha with a broth volume of 400 L/ha.
  • For olive trees, apply a treatment before flowering and around the base of the olive tree using doses of 2-3 L/ha with a broth volume of 400 L/ha.
  • SAFETY PERIOD: 15 days.

Herbicide treatments in crops of:

  • Areas not being used for crop growing, rice, oats, barley, rye, citrus, pome fruit trees, corn, olive tree, grassfields, wheat and triticale against dicotyledonous weeds in post emergence.

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