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Proan AA 24

Anti-stress solution with a base of fast absorbing free amino acids

Proan AA 24 is a liquid preparation with a base of a high concentration of fast absorbing free amino acids. Contains essential amino acids which encourage the vegetal nutrition processes of crops, reducing the time used in protein formation.

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Aditional info
  • Free amino acids: 24% w/w
  • Total nitrogen (N): 6.8% w/w
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen: 0.4% w/w
  • Organic nitrogen: 6.4% w/w
  • Amino acids coming from hydrolised proteins of animal origin.
  • pH: 6-7
  • Presentation: Soluble liquid (SL).
  • Packaging: 5 L and 20 L

Especially recommended for application in leaf spray foliar, at times of maximum energy consumption by plants, budding, setting and swelling of fruits. Also recommended in situations of a lack of energy or life or stress brought on by nutritional deficiencies, freezes or any other factor which would lead to abnormal plant growth. 

  • L-α-amino acids, easily assimilable and available. 
  • Very fast absorption and introduction to the metabolism of plants. 
  • Activate the synthesis of proteins and save energy. 
  • Better reaction when faced with different situation of vegetable stress (freezes, rapid growth, nutritional deficiencies, drought). 

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