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Léxor 25

Wide spectrum fungicide

Wide spectrum fungicide. Preventive and curative action with contact and local systemia properties. Prevents the development of the disease and stops the infections during the incubation period (curative action). Effective in the control of oidium, leaf curl, alternaria, rusts, etc.

Registration number: 18.766

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Aditional info
  • 25% w/v Difenoconazole
  • Presentation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
  • Packaging: 5 cc and 20 cc
  • Dose: 0.33 cc/L in foliar spray.

Léxor 25 is a fungicide of the triazole chemical group, with both preventive and curative action. It prevents the development of the diseases and stops the infection during the incubation period (curative action). The active substance (Difenoconazole) penetrates rapidly into the plant with a translaminar movement and local systemia properties.

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