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Herbicide for the early control of annual weeds.

Glóster is a selective cereal herbicide (wheat and winter barley), for the early control of pre-emergence or post emergence annual weeds. 

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Aditional info
  • Chlortoluron 40% + Diflufenican 2.5% w/v
  • Register number: 24.004
  • Presentation: Concentrated suspension (CS)
  • Family: Derivation of urea + Nicotinalide
  • Packaging: 5 L
  • The synergic action of its two active ingredients allow for an efficient control of annual weeds, grasses and dicotyledons.
  • How it works: 
    • Inhibits photosyntesis in the II photosystem.
    • Inhibits the synthesis of carotenoides.
  • Authorised applications:
    • Long cycle barley, soft and hard wheat. 

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