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Dakota Top

Control of post emergence dicotyledonous weeds

An herbicide pack made up of two active substances of different chemical groups and ways of working, very efficient in broad leaf weed control in winter cereal crops such as: wheat and barley.

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Aditional info
  • ALISTER (1 L): Diflufenican 50% w/v (500 g/L)
    • Register number 24.156 
  • DAKOTA (0,6 L): Florasulam 5% w/v (50 g/L)
    • Register number 22.145
  • Formulation: Suspension concentrate (CS)
  • Available sizes: 1 L+0.6 L

Union of two active substances selected for winter cereals. 

The union of both active substances has a complementary, synergetic effect in controlling dicotyledonous weeds in the initial stages of the winter cereal crop. 

Excellent control of “resistant” weeds (Papaver rhoeas, Sinapis arvensis) and other ALS.

Broad spectrum of control of weeds. Helps to reduce resistances appearing.

Ideal for use on alternaria.

Very good environmental profile. 

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