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Natural, balanced fertiliser

Bioprón is a biotrophic product, in slow releasing granule form containing viable cells, immobilised in an inert natural format which provides the nutritional elements the plant needs during the vegetative cycle. 

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Aditional info

It has two types of microorganisms: 

  • Azospirillum brasilense
  • Pantoea dispersa

The content of same is above 109 UFC/g.
Available sizes: 10 kg, 25 kg and 500 kg.



Particle size: 1 mm – 2.5 mm
Specific weight: 0.977 kg/L
Colour: beige.

Authorised applications: Tomato, melon, pepper, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and other brassicas, chard and spinach, parsley and other umbellifers, potatoes, olive tree, grass, artichoke, vines, corn, wheat, barley, citrus and stone fruit trees.

In seedbeds and nurseries, before sowing, mix granules with the soil before filling trays, using 15g Bioprón per litre of soil. 

In greenhouses and fields: 

  • Tomato, pepper, Galia and Cantaloup melon, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and other brassicas, parsley and other umbelífers: 300 kg/ha 
  • Rochet melon, Christmas melon: 200 kg/ha.
  • Potato, artichoke: 250 kg/ha

Grass: apply twice annually by surface broadcast using 30 g/m2
Vines: 25 g/vine.
Grapevine: 0,75-1 kg/vine.
Wheat and barley: apply as a basal fertiliser using 40 to 75 kg/ha.

Citrus and stone fruit trees: 

  • Seedlings: 100 g/seedling 
  • Trees up to 3 years old: 250 g/tree
  • Trees up to 5 years old: 400 g/tree
  • Adults: 750 g - 1 kg/ tree

Olive tree: super-intensive crops 100 g/olive tree. In traditional crops :

  • Branched olive trunks: (1st to 3rd year): 100 g/olive tree
  • From 3rd to 6th year: 300 g/olive tree
  • From 6th year on: 500-700 g/olive tree

Biological product designed to improve the efficiency of fertilisers (mainly nitrogenised and phosphoric fertilisers) meaning less quantities of chemical fertiliser need to be used. 
Reduces fertiliser costs. 
Nutritional effect, growth and root stimulator. 
Speeds up seedbed plant growth. 
Less stress when transplanting. 
Non-contaminating product. 
Reduces contamination by nitrates. 
Obtained via sustainable methods. 
Suitable for use in traditional, integrated and organic/ecological farming. Approved by CERES and INTERECO.

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