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Insecticide – acaricide

BERMECTINE is a selective acaricide and insecticide with translaminar effect and/or localized system, being able to traverse the leaf in a transverse direction.

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Abamectine 1,8% w/v (18 g/L)
Registration nº: 21.381
Formulation: Emulsionable concentrate  (EC)
Presentation: 2x20 cc, 100 cc, 250 cc, 500 cc, 1 L, 5 L


*7 days for greenhouse tomato.
**For stemvegetable production. Not to be used in leaves production.

Note: Apply against ostrinia nubilalis by injection into the trunk in the period of movement of the sap in one application per year, which can be split in two, with an interval of 15-45 days. Dosage of 20-80 cc/palm tree depending on its height.

Natural origen insecticide.
Acts by ingestion and by contact.
Insecticidal-acaricidal treatments in: avocado, celery, citrus, cucurbitaceae, strawberry, lettuce, lemon tree, apple tree, ornamental herbaceous, ornamental palms, pear, pepper, tomato, artichoke, vine.

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