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Bermectine 250cc


A broad-spectrum insecticide/acaricide. Acts upon ingestion and contact, attacking the nervous system of insects and mites, resulting in irreversible paralysis in only a few hours. Has a marked shock effect in foliar applications as a result of its translaminar action.

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Aditional info

Abamectin 1.8%

Security Term:

Ornamental: Not applicable.
Tomato, pepper, cucurbitaceae, raspberry and strawberry: 3 days.
Artichoke: 7 days.
Celery, citrus and pear tree: 10 days.
Apple tree and vine: 28 days.


  • Mining insects
  • Mites
  • Red spider
  • Pear Tree Psila
  • Erinosis in pear tree
  • Drill of the palm trees.
  • Apply in foliar spray. For use against the drilling of palms, it is applied in injection to the trunk.

Available formats: 4x5 cc and 15 ml.

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