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Belprón Limacos

Molluscicide, against slugs and snails action.

Bait in granules against snails and slugs, by contact and ingestion action.

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Aditional info
  • Metaldehide 5% w/w (50 g/kg)

Registration nº: 12.470

Formulation: Bait granules (GB)

Presentation: 1 kg and 5 kg

Apply the dose of 5-8 kg/ha over the soil in small piles, between the lines of sowing in the

points to protect. For a higher activity of these parasites, better with wet soil.

Security period: at least 15 days between the last treatment and the harvest of plants or fruits for human or cattle consumption.

For molluscicides treatments, against slugs and snails, in the following crops:

  • Citrics, strawberry, cadocous leaves fruit trees, subtropicals/tropicals fruit trees, horticulturals, industrials, herbaceous ornamentals, woody ornamentals and potato.

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