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Highly specialised agri-biotechnological. Rooting fosterer

Organic product of microbiological origin. The organisms that form it, contribute to the rooting of plants due to the presence of natural auxins, improving nutrition, health and post-transplantation stress. It also contains enhancing substances of the natural defenses of the plant.

Registration number: F0004070/2029

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Aditional info
  • Azospirillum brasilense Strain ALO1 (CECT 5856): 1x108 UFC/mL
  • Presentation: Soluble liquid (SL)
  • Packaging: 100 cc

Dose of 5 cc/L via irrigation. Treatment of roots and cuttings, dilute 50-100 cc/L and submerse for 25-30 seconds (it may also be used without diluting).

Recommended for:

  • Treatment of seeds, root bathing, cuttings and tubers.
  • Foliar, growth enhancer.
  • Fertilised, it contributes to rooting and has a stimulating effect of soil microbiota, which confers a protective action against the attack of pathogenic microorganisms.

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