An interview with Arturo Lizón, CEO of Probelte
05 jul. 2021

Probelte - News - An interview with Arturo Lizón, CEO of Probelte

An interview with Arturo Lizón, CEO of Probelte

From Soil to Health is the name of one the most ambitious projects Probelte has embarked upon since it was set up. Its aim is to connect agriculture and the consumer from the ins and outs of  soil health, to the health of the actual people who consume its crops.  In order to have a better understanding of this, Arturo Lizón, CEO of Probelte, talks to us about the values of Probelte as an innovative company in the new agriculture, a name that stands out in the  BioAg sector, which strives to accomplish what it sets out to do. 

Providing healthy food for an ever-growing population: the challenge facing agriculture today.  

We live in a world with an ever-growing population, which demands better quality food. This is a huge challenge for agriculture, which needs to look to new tools and big changes in order to face up to it.  This is the essence behind From Soil to Health, an endeavor which concentrates on the potential soil has when it comes to influencing people’s health. "In Probelte we believe that the production of quality food and in sufficient quantity starts with how we manage and care for our soils’’, says Arturo Lizón, an international executive with more than 30 years’ experience creating, developing and transforming companies with the back-up of  the latest technology.  

"The ability to produce enough nutritious fruit and vegetables, free of toxic residues, depends on the properties of the soil and the state it is in" he explains. The secret is in the correct combination of organic material, a balanced microbiome, as well as its physical and chemical properties. "In Probelte, we aim to care for the soil and bring out its real potential. This is why we are constantly innovating in farming soil and crop treatments, based on biotechnology and balanced nutrition. This is the basis of the vision behind From Soil to Health, to reach a balance between caring for both soil and crop health, which, in the long run, means better health for people. "

Biotechnology and the knowledge of the microorganisms living in the soil and how they are linked, in  one way or another to the plant, is one of the latest discoveries in the sector. "Probelte is a company which, throughout its history, and thanks to its characteristic, almost built-in DNA-like approach when it comes to innovation, has developed a valuable proposal which can be considered to be avant-garde in its sector. This is the heart of the matter which leads to the necessary solutions to the growing challenge of food and feeding’, states  Arturo Lizón.

"Soil is a non-renewable resource and essential for its productive potential".  We are talking about a soil which is alive, where all the functions necessary for the plants to grow and produce in quality and quantity, aspects which affect human health, are taking place. Soil and water contamination due to excess nitrates and other salts, the problems that drought brings, an abusive use of pesticides, which kill the secondary fauna, or losses in crop growing fields are problems which only the most daring innovation has been capable of dealing with, and which also provides real solutions in the short and medium-term. 

 "Besides technology, a change in paradigm is also necessary. And this is where From Soil to Health comes in, a movement which connects agricultural biotechnology, farmers and their needs and the final consumer ", affirms the CEO.

Probelte, a comprehensive vision, from the soil to the people 

"In Probelte we see agricultural management in a similar way to how we see human health management", states Lizón. "The management of agriculture should be taken as a journey along which the environment must be looked after at all times, throughout the passing of time, in  the same way that people’s health needs to be looked after from the moment of birth. The key to this strategy is seeing this management as something which lasts over time, in which preventative solutions,  respectful of the environment, are combined with remedial solutions in order to fight diseases which need to be treated  in a more specific way, without any side effects". 

"Among the preventative solutions", he goes on to explain, "there should be a mixture of natural and biological ones. Remedial solutions can be biological or chemical but they must be specific to the particular plague or disease in question, which could not be  prevented. The effectiveness of agricultural management is improved in both efficiency and prevention with the help of digital technology, thanks to data gathered as it sets to work, thus creating models for preventative action". 

With this in mind, the role of the farmer is essential and cannot be seen as separate from this comprehensive vision. "The farmer is the one who makes the decisions and works the land", Arturo Lizón points out and adds that "in Probelte, we understand the farmer’s main role in caring for the crop, but also the soil and thus the people who buy the food. This is why we work on developing solutions, from investigating and transmitting our philosophy and our knowledge to farmers, straight from our distributors, who we consider to be part of our organization and management ecosystem.  In this way, we manage to enable them to always look after their crops and soils, with preventative and regenerative care, probiotics, nutrition solutions and when necessary, highly effective, curative, specific, guided treatments for their crops. I am convinced that human health, soil health and the planet’s health are intimately connected and they will be managed in a similar way in the future", he ends by saying. 


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