About us 


Together we cultivate the future

The group PROBELTE  is a private independent multinational  operating in the plants protection, fertilization and all related activities.
With 45 years of experience in the Agri-Food industry, PROBELTE, has a mission of delivering products that improve both quality and quantity of Food crops suggested for everyday use, for a modern and environmently balanced agriculture in the world,in which  PROBELTE's products have demonstrated to be leaders. 


  • Team

  • Quality

  • Internationalisation

  • Investigation, development and innovation

  • Sustainability

  • A team of professionals at our customers’ service 

    Careful planning, along with exhaustive selection processes have led to personnel who are multidisciplinary in life sciences and who are also proven, highly qualified professionals.

    Excellence in human values

    From Company management, every effort is made to instil values that encourage team work based on respect, collaboration, and mutual personal and professional support.

    PROBELTE values 

    The values that most stand out and which are characteristic of PROBELTE are those of evolution and improvement, continuity, dynamism, flexibility, service and human relationships based on professionalism, ethic and personalised attention.

    The PROBELTE group’s best assets are its employees, distributors and clients.

  • Quality commitment 

    We work to ensure the quality of our products which clearly focusses on customer satisfaction. Thanks to rigorous checking and control throughout the production process, both of the raw materials and the finished product, quality excellence of PROBELTE products is ensured.

    PROBELTE global quality

    It is our aim, not only to provide our customers with quality products but to also provide them with personalised attention. PROBELTE is certified under strict, well known quality, environmental protection and safety regulations. These certifications are a guarantee of our Quality Guarantee, our respect for the environment and are proof of the emphasis PROBELTE places on customer satisfaction. 

    PROBELTE certificates 

    PROBELTE is holder of the ISO 9001 quality certificate for the Design and Production of phytosanitary products and fertilisers, the ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental management system and the OHSAS 18001 certificate for Health and Safety in the workplace, awarded by AENOR and IQNET.

  • Consolidating our brand

    The PROBELTE brand, linked to high quality products is known on an international level and demanded by our customers. The internationalisation of PROBELTEis a reality, by means of its constant, continuous geographical expansion. 

    International visibility 

    The relevance and meaning of the international visibility of PROBELTE has grown throughout the years within the corporation and today, more than ever, we are ready to collaborate and get our products to the four corners of the world through our distribution networks, reaching agreements based on thoroughness, compromise and mutual fidelity. 

  • Cultura I+D+i

    La cultura de I+D+i hace de PROBELTE estar a la vanguardia en la producción de productos biológicos, con productos tales como Belthirul, la punta de lanza de esta gama de productos eficaces, biodegradables y respetuosos con el medio ambiente. La fábrica de PROBELTE de productos biológicos está a la vanguardia de la tecnología, teniendo una gran capacidad de producción, preparada para el desarrollo de medios de lucha contra las plagas y enfermedades de las plantas.


    PROBELTE is also certified as a GOOD PRACTICE LABORATORY for studies in the field of phytosanitary product application, for laboratory trials involving plant residues in order to determine phytosanitary residues and for the physics/chemical characterization of phytosanitary products, being the first Company in the sector to achieve this.

    Towards a sustainable, efficient agriculture 

    The basis of the advanced products that PROBELTE offers society has its origin in a philosophy with a long standing tradition and foothold in investigation, development and innovation of new products. A well established, well known culture of I+D in biological products allows for advances in the discovery of new biological formulas as part of a future, sustainable, efficient agriculture worldwide. 

  • Means of protection of sustainable growing 

    The investigation geared towards the development of new formulas based on biological products has been escalating for some years due to the implications of integrated production and ecological agriculture, and also thanks to the increase in added value that this may imply for agricultural products. 

    Innovation and agricultural technology 

    Our main challenge consists in offering the market one of the widest ranges of guaranteed quality products. This is why the company is constantly pushing for more technological innovation, thus contributing to a more sustainable agriculture, which respects the environment.

    Biological products 

    The development of techniques and ways of protecting sustainable growing and the use of biological products is the challenge facing the industry for the immediate future. 

    In this sense, investigations are particularly on-going in the field of biotechnology and the development of low risk products (among others) with a positive toxicological profile in both cases.