Probelte - Good laboratory practices

Good laboratory practices (GLP)

Wide range of tests, both at laboratory and field level.

The GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is a set of rules, operational procedures and practices established and promulgated by certain organizations such as the (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), or Food and Drug Administration (FDA), etc.), which are considered mandatory to ensure the quality and integrity of the data produced in certain types of research or studies.

The GLP standards constitute, in essence, a work philosophy, are a system of organization of everything that somehow intervenes in the conduct of a study or procedure aimed at the investigation of any chemical or biological product that may have an impact on the human species. you must work throughout the study, from its design to the archive.

In the case of phytosanitary studies, the studies required by the administration for the registration of new active substances or new formulated substances must be carried out under the regulations established in the GLP and only laboratory studies certified by an entity may be carried out. external, in the case of Spain, it is ENAC (National Accreditation Entity).

In August 2004, Probelte obtained certification from ENAC to carry out phytosanitary studies under BPL standards, being the first company in Spain in obtaining this certification in 3 different areas, 2 laboratory (physical-chemical characterization and determination of residues in plant products) and 1 field (application of phytosanitary products in the field for the determination of residues).

Later in 2016 the certification in the field of analytical chemistry was obtained.

The extensive experience in BPL of the Probelte laboratory allows us to offer a wide range test co, both at laboratory and field level.

Test area of ​​Physical-chemical characterization (1)

The GLP laboratory of Probelte SAU is certified to carry out characterization studies of more than 20 physicochemical properties, in addition to validating analysis methods for the determination of wealth and analytical profiles of active materials, including analysis of more characteristic impurities. Finally, this field also allows us to conduct accelerated and long-term stability studies at different temperatures for any type of formulation.

Test area of ​​Waste (6) in field and laboratory

Regarding waste, the scope of certification allows complete tests on different plant matrices, ranging from field application, sampling, transport, storage and analysis thereof. Waste tests can be done final, degradation or any other that may be requested by the administrations.For all this, we have the appropriate facilities for this purpose: freezer bunkers at temperatures below -25ºC that guarantee the stability of the plant samples or their processed until analysis in the same facilities or sending them to an external laboratory if necessary.

Test area of ​​Analytical chemistry (8)

The certification in the field of analytical chemistry allows us to carry out studies of cleaning of application equipment, simulating the preparation of application broth of the phytosanitary product in field conditions, validating the analysis methods and determining the contents of active ingredient residual once the cleaning processes of said application equipment have been carried out.

All the studies that Probelte can carry out in the different areas indicated, have official recognition and can be provided for Registries at national and international level.